JeeWiz Community Edition


The JeeWiz Open Source System Generation Engine

The JeeWiz Generation Engine is for you if you want to make it easier to build application systems or development tools in Java. In other words, if

  • you're tired of banging your head against yet another Java add-on tool, language, framework, library or methodology that is meant to make your life easier
  • you never want to write another "Architecture Guide" or "How To" that your audience can't be bothered to follow
  • you have created a tool or framework and you want to get people to adopt it
  • you're the expert in your field and you would like to deliver your expertise in the most powerful way possible

What JeeWiz does is

Simply use simple tools - Java, XML, Ant and Velocity.
Automate the automation, automation, automation. Accept no less.
Transformation of more complex, more customisable generation than previously possible
Intent into minimise the effort for users to define and refine what they want
Systems.(*) create complete, production-ready systems, including UI generation

JeeWiz is a system generator that you can use on a wide range tasks. An integrated generator for Hibernate/Spring/JSF/Trinidad systems is provided, plus starter examples for many other generation tasks.

More details on the JeeWiz approach:

(*) 'SATIS' has the following associations:

  • In Egyptian mythology, Satis was a goddess of fertility and war (and other less exciting areas).
  • In Latin, satis means "sufficient" or "enough" - JeeWiz makes software development complete - it integrates and coordinates all the other development tools at our disposal.
  • It's the 'satis-factory' - JeeWiz is a framework for building software factories that is good enough to do the job ... a pragmatic solution if you feel there is something un-satis-factory about application development today.

News - September 2008

A first release of the Code Generation Tutorial is now available. Why not use it to build up your skills?